At first Bitcoin (BTC) may sound intimidating. What you'll find after getting the hang of it though is that it's actually much simpler, more reliable, and cheaper than any other method of depositing or withdrawing funds. We use Bitcoin (BTC) almost exclusively to service our customers and if all of them can do it, you can to!

Why Bitcoin (BTC) is perfect for depositing and withdrawing?

⚫ Bitcoin (BTC) wallets are quick and simple to setup
⚫ Bitcoin (BTC) transfer fees are VERY cheap as compared with any other form of payment
⚫ Bitcoin (BTC) transactions are anonymous by nature
⚫ Bitcoin (BTC) is independent of any central governing authority

You can think of Bitcoin (BTC) as a digital currency. Just like the US dollar, British pound sterling, or Swedish Krona they are traded on major exchanges worldwide. So you can buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) just like you can buy and sell other currencies.

The process is simple, you buy Bitcoin and send it to us. We give you the equivalent value in US dollars in your account. Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals are done in the same way with you requesting a withdrawal an us sending you the equivalent amount in Bitcoin (BTC).

It's really that simple! That's why so many people are using Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals.

We manage a cryptocurrency cashier on the website in order to take your Bitcoin (BTC) deposit. You can locate the cashier from the top left menu (on mobile) or at the top of your screen (on your desktop). In order to deposit:

Step 1: Click on the Cashier
Step 2: Click on Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency you might want to use to deposit)
Step 3: Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click 'Continue'
Note: while the system generates an address for you there could be a slight delay, please be patient.

Step 4: Copy the address to send the deposit to

In addition to Bitcoin (BTC) we also receive Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Dash (DASH).

When you buy bitcoin you do so an store it in what is called a "Wallet" which be hosted by an exchange or held directly on your device (desktop or mobile). Here are a couple of the ways that we find are easiest to buy, hold, and transfer Bitcoin (BTC).

Cash App

In our experience this is the simplest and easiest way to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) and you can purchase up to $10,000 in BTC a week. The steps are simple:

Buying BTC

Step 1:
Login to your CashApp
Step 2:
Click on your account icon to the upper left
Step 3:
Click on your Bitcoin balance
Step 4:
Click on Buy
Step 5:
Enter in the amount you want to buy and Confirm

Note: You must have cash available in CashApp to purchase Bitcoin.

Sending BTC

To send BTC follow steps 1-3 above and then
Step 4:
Scroll down and click on 'Withdrawal Bitcoin'

Step 5:
Enter in the amount you wish to withdrawal

Step 6:
It will take you directly to scan the QR code but you can click 'Enter Manually' at the bottom of the screen
Step 7:
Paste the BTC address you got from the cashier

Step 8:
Click Next and Submit

Note: In Step 6 if you are on the desktop site you also have the option of scanning the QR code instead of entering in the address.

Credit Card

To purchase Bitcoin (BTC) with a credit card you will need to open up an account at an exchange. This is usually a simple and quick process. At most of the exchanges you'll be able to also link a bank account should you wish. These are some of the exchanges you can use:

Exchange Limits Funding Time Daily ($10 - $500)
Weekly ($10 - $2,500)
Instant Daily ($60 - $5,000) 45-60 Minutes Unknown Instant
*Verification requirements may vary by exchange. Usually any verification is a one time process and relatively quick and painless.

The short answer is that the way we suggest you use Bitcoin is one of the safest and secure ways to use Bitcoin.

In reality, just like cash or your credit card, Bitcoin can be stolen. However, just like carrying cash or using credit cards, if you follow a few simple security guidelines, you should be able to use Bitcoin without any issues!

Security Basics

1. Always keep your passwords private and stored in a safe place
2. Always use two-factor authentication in addition to your password
3. Always cut-and-paste Bitcoin addresses - don't type it in by hand
4. Never send Bitcoin (BTC) to the same address more than once

You should always double-check the address where you are sending or receiving your Bitcoin (BTC) before clicking continue to proceed with the transaction. Just like cash, once you send someone Bitcoin, it's gone - and there's usually no way to get it unless the person who received it gives it back to you.